Twitter Jail: Day Five

As I began day five of Administrative Segregation on Twitter I fucked around and tried to like a tweet. If you have ever been in twitter jail before, you know that you cannot even like a tweet. Sad. I got this message.

Damn you twitter.


Fine. I will stay in twitter jail and hide on my nearly empty blog twitter, but know this: I am still NOT SORRY for saying ‘Fuck You!’ to Susan Sarandon. I honestly think I was rather too kind the first time.




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  • Damn you, Twitter! Damn you to hell.

  • Katrina Kiefer

    Hey Celly, @DogBoneStudios here. I’m working from acct. #3 They shut down #2 for cursing, said it was for 12 hours. Its been 30. They’ve now ignored 4 requests for an explanation/unlock. Keep on keeping on, they’ve about defeated me.

    • bravenak81

      Damn, they got you too? Girl, you know they have you on a list. My new acct is my no cussing account. Tired of jail.