Shutting down minority voices is a Pyrrhic Victory

As I am entering days six of my twitter prison sentence for daring to say ‘’Fuck You!” to Susan Sarandon, I have reflected on quite a few things. One is the thrill that some groups of young white men feel when they are successful at targeting minority voices for a shut down. The second, and equally important thing is the fact that shutting down voices is not the victory some seem to think it is.
Let’s take my shut down, for instance; while I may be quiet on twitter, my voice lives on. Not only did I gain followers, but the story of my harassment did gain more attention than it would have if they had simply left well enough alone.

The absolute zeal with which the Sarandon brigade attacked me reminded me of attacks on some specific people in our contemporary times; Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Maxine Waters. and Kamala Harris, to name a few. The one thing we all have in common is the fact that we are women; strong women, out spoken women, women who refuse to kowtow to male dominance or apply double standards to other women. Which is quite unlike Susan, who supported John Edwards, who voted for war, but considered that vote disqualifying when it came to Hillary.
The attacks I withstood often had absolutely nothing to do with anything I had actually done or said; most of the attacks were lobbed at me because the attackers could not reach the woman they really wanted to hurt. I became an avatar for evil womanhood, similar to a witch in Salem. Nothing was off the table, no attack was considered too over the top to be sent my way. Such is the burden of womanhood.
The minor victory of shutting me up for a week did not kill my voice or any of my ideas. In fact, they proved even more why voices like mine are important in political discussions, and have shined a light on the malignant racism and sexism that is becoming pervasive among the ‘far left’. I do not plan on ending my campaign of pointing out their paternalism, racism, white privilege, or anything else they engage. In face, I have decided to become LOUDER.
I want to thank my harassers for showing their asses. They have given me the opportunity to hold a mirror up for them, to show them who they are, and make as many as I can aware of their attitudes and actions.
Hiding the truth, shutting it down, shutting the messenger up does not kill the message. It does not solve the problem. It just makes the message that much more urgent and important. It is not a win.
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