Dear Men, Women Are Not Buying Your Bullshit, Please STFU


Here we go again with the same old tired ass bullshit where a young man murders his classmates, and somehow he is the victim of bullying. To me, the ultimate form of bullying is when a person decides that it is up to them to pick and choose who lives or dies. Also men, being rejected by the same girl for months on end is in no way bullying you. It is you being a harasser.

Perhaps instead of finding ways to sympathize with the worst elements of society, we should do more to protect the innocent from harm in the first place. This might mean not writing dumb as dirt profiles on a mass murderer where the father of the killer gets to paint his child with rays of angelic light. Most of all, the media needs to stop writing shit like this, promoting people like Jordan Peterson, and acting like Incels have a point about sex.

Maybe if male privilege went away forever and ever, men would start getting used to the idea that the world does not revolve around their needs and desires. One thing to note about all of these issues is that agency of the WOMEN is rarely discussed or it is discussed in terms of women being selfish bitches. Suddenly as women are demanding gains in equality, and striving for parity of representation, some men are finding themselves struggling to obtain female companionship. Well, boys, not to be a fucking cunt, but you might just need to learn to be more pleasing to women if you want some attention. Women no longer depend on assholes to support them because we fucking work too, so if you want some loving, you need to be deserving of love.

I am damn tired of reading about male feelings as women are still constantly being harassed, murdered, and abused for rejecting their advances. Time for some personal responsibility, dudes.

If nobody wants you, maybe you are the actual problem.

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  • Wonderbitch

    Uh oh! I got share buttons!

  • PennyJ Thomas

    This is it in a nutshell!

    Between Evangelicals telling women to keep their legs shut and incels demanding they have every right to make you spread them, what kind of world are we raising our ‘girls’ in?

  • John Smith

    “male privilege” …and yet

    1. The education system is female centric; focusing on teaching methods which cater to female strengths.

    65% and rising of graduates are women yet nearly every campaign for increasing take up of uni , especially in stem is aimed at women.

    2. Nearly half of domestic abuse victims are men. In non reciprocal abuse 70% of victims are men and when children being beaten and are taken into account the figure is even higher.

    3. 96% of work related fatalities are men, making them 20x more likely to die in the workplace than women.

    4. Men make up 90% of the street homeless, and 70% of victims of street violence.

    5. Men regularly receive much longer sentences than women for similar crimes, are far more likely to be held on remand and far less likely to receive a community service order.

    5. Divorce settlements are heavily discriminatory against men.

    6. Men are tremendously discriminated against in family courts. Women win 93% of child custody battles, and despite having hardly any visiting rights, are also forced to pay punitive costs to support the children they are not allowed to see.

    7. In movies and TV 99% of violence, especially graphic gory violence, is depicted happening to men.

    8. Men are viewed and treated as disposable assets in society.

    9. Men commit suicide at drastically higher rates than women.

    The overarching problem is that people do not give a fuck about men as a class. Male specific issues exist. Statistics and well-written pieces on them are easy to find. It simply does not trigger any sort of meaningful response, sometimes even backlash. You’re part of the problem right now. God forbid people start talking about male issues, how they manifest, and how to come up with solutions to the problem.

    “One thing to note about all of these issues is that agency of the WOMEN is rarely discussed”
    Why? This isn’t a women’s issue. Even now you want this to all be about yourself and your gender like a spoiled child. This is what happens when you attach yourself to an identity of victimhood. The problem to all this is mental illness developed by the stress of isolated and ostracized young men without a source to confide in. People like Jordan Peterson are doing God’s work by giving young males a positive role model that that can finally relate to and confide in. He offers lectures on self-improvement, he literally has archives of free online content for anybody who feel they could benefit from it. He’s doing more for the betterment of society and individuals than you are with your antagonistic passive aggressive prattles.

  • siddharth

    Hey bravenak this is Bandit aka @sid_soothsayer here …as you know my account is suspended ….I am missing you all a lot ….