Dear Bernie, Please Stop Chasing Tragedies and Police Your ‘Revolution’

For some time now, since Bernie Sanders lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton by nearly 4,000,000 votes, Bernie Sanders has been chasing ambulances on par with the scummiest personal injury attorneys in the 1980s Hollywood Yellow Pages.

It began with his fateful tour of the downtrodden red state Trump fans, where he ‘I feel your pain’d’ his way around the dusty trails of ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ country. It continues via his travels around from crowd to crowd to yell through a bullhorn at student protests against gun violence.

One would think that a self described Socialist, who once voted to protect gun manufacturers from the actual victims of gun violence, might see a bit of hypocrisy in trying to ham it up for the cameras in Conservative states and in places where NRA supported candidates like himself would be unwanted. But not Bernie. There is no more dangerous place than in between Bernie Sanders and a camera, and no event that he can’t find a way to make entirely about himself. This is simply the way things are.

While Bernie has been busy trying to represent womanhood at the Women’s March Conference, pretending to save Puerto Rico, and completely forgetting all of those times he voted against the Brady Bill while he attention seeks at student protests, his ‘Revolution’ has completely lost its damn mind.

Case in point: This week, the Our Revolution group in Hazlet decided that the best use of their energy would be to protest Hillary speaking at Rutgers, because, hey, how else do you get money out of politics better than protesting a retired woman for making money giving a speech?

Apparently this event has been cancelled, but it just goes to show how many of Bernie’s revolutionaries are simply Hillary haters who want free college and single payer. Although the official Our Revolution group removed it from their page, the organizers simply deleted the event and started a brand new group to protest Hillary. A silent protest. I hope they stay silent for life.

Hey, Bernie. It is time for you to officially stop running for the 2016 Democratic nomination and collect your Revolution. I clearly see you think you are running again, and not to be rude, but, Trump voters ain’t fucking with you. You need us more than we need your revolution, your tragedy fetishizing, and your grandstanding.

Pretty sure there is some work for you to do in the Senate. If not that? You can release your taxes and then go knit in the woods while you take all the seats.

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  • ray jones

    Preach….tell like it is!!! Amen, amen, amen!!!

  • Terri S

    Spot on, as always

  • Tara True

    Thanks, good read. 🙂

  • Katahdin

    Bernie’s devotees had a choice of protesting Trump, or mass shootings, or Nazis, or the NRA, or Russia, or a hundred other issues of import. And they chose to protest the Democrat who earned more votes for President than anyone else ever had. Deplorable.

  • Lisa Rachel Harris Thank you, Bianca. It needed to be said. Ambulance chaser analogy is perfect.

  • ja29

    YES!!! And it doesn’t even mention him inviting himself to speak on a panel at the Vatican during the primary. Didn’t work out very well for him when they called his bluff and presented the facts,